My Mighty Awesome Life List

Meet Oprah or go to an Oprah show tapping (completed 5/17/11)| Take a road trip across the U.S.A.| Go on an African Safari| Become self-employed on a full-time basis| Learn Spanish fluently| Watch the running with the bulls – LIVE| Run a marathon| Own a dog| Visit each of the National Parks| Vacation in the Hamptons| Eat good pasta in Italy| Start an organic garden| Swim with dolphins| Go whale watching and actually see a whale| Learn to knit| Write a book|  Wear an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini| Live in another country for a year| Learn to play an acoustic guitar| Redesign my website| Take a scrapbooking class| Buy a SLR camera and learn how to use it| Host a clam bake| Renew my wedding vows| Ride in a gondola| Milk a cow| Take a cooking class| Visit all seven continents| Rent a beach house for the summer| See the Eiffel Tower live and in person| Scuba dive| Compete in a salsa dance competition| Watch a movie outside| Host  100 dinner parties| Ride a motorcycle| Zip line in Costa Rica| Be featured in a magazine| Get a makeover| Be a guest on a talk show| Have my own reality show| Take a cruise| Create a signature drink| Write thank you notes to those who have made an impact in my life| Take the children camping|  Enter a baking contest| Have a portrait done of myself| Enter a writing contest| Have some writing published| Visit a movie set| Take a picture in front of the Great Wall of China| Hold a Koala Bear|  Watch a sunrise| Host a dinner party on the beach| Go horseback riding| Visit Napa Valley| Learn to blow glass| Go grape stomping| Design some stationery| Sew a dress for Maya| Own land| Make fruit preserves| Throw 200 parties|  Write a memoir| Go a day without technology| Play in the  rain| Make mud pies| Stay up all night| Learn to sail| Run a 5K| Paint a picture| Design some jewelry| Write a song| Ride in a hot air balloon| Sky dive| Climb a mountain| Ski| Weave a basket| Make a quilt| Run a ½ marathon| See the pyramids| Ride in a Jeep across the dessert| Write a play| Direct a movie


6 responses to “My Mighty Awesome Life List

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  2. keri_thornton

    Girl you got your work cut out! Good Luck – a great list! I hope you keep crossing them off!
    I like your blog – very positive and lots of interesting posts.

  3. Erika,

    Wow, reading your list inspired me to write my own. Keep SHINING, Lady.

    Peace, Love, and Blessings,


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  5. Rina

    so wonderful – enjoy the journey

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