Week In The Life 2011 | Saturday Photos + Words

I have taken a “go with the flow” approach with this project; trying not to over think it and just enjoy it. Reminding myself long the way that this project is just a “snap shot” of a week in my life…not a minute by minute detail account of what I am doing. Others doing this project may take a different approach and that’s okay. I am learning that I have to do what is best…what “feels” right and what works for my life right now.

Energy was at an all-time low today which resulted in less than 50 photos taken. And I am okay with that. Sometimes you have those days…it’s a part of my story.

I think my 2 year old took this picture



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4 responses to “Week In The Life 2011 | Saturday Photos + Words

  1. great set of pictures…I love how the show the every day things that we would never think of photographing as we go about our day.

  2. I love all your pictures…and your 2 year old has got some skills!!

  3. Loved your pictures and the fact that your little one was taking a picture. Starting them young. =)

  4. Love the pic of everyone spread out on the floor! Looks so cozy & fun & makes me want to go grab a pile of blankets, some popcorn & a comedy!

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