Week In The Life 2011| Tuesday Photos + Words + Thoughts

Trying to get some sort of schedule/routine in place for me and the family; with my new work schedule, I am actually in the office 2 days a week and the remaining 3 days I will be working at home. It’s a sweet deal…however I am having a difficult time staying focused on work while I am at home. I’m thinking that things will be a little easier once school starts which will be in a little less than 2 weeks and my little one goes back to day care.

Day 2 of WITL went better than the first day…I took lots and lots of pictures of the things that were taking place in our lives as they were happening. I am excited about this project and can’t wait to see the finished pages…more on that later. Right now it’s all about the images…documentation.

Here are some highlights of my day.

{Great morning show}

{Checking out Ali Edwards blog first thing in the AM…wake up Ali!}

{Hello Lover!}

{Telling me about his good night’s sleep}

{Counting down the days until these are a thing of the past…one more week and they are gone}

{Nothing like Nick Jr. in the AM and a bottle}

{Breakfast }

{Working from home}

{Early afternoon swim with some friends}

{My little helper}

{Her lunch}

{My lunch}

{Plenty of laundry}

{Nap time}

{Our time}

{Daddy’s home}


{Quick trip to see what we can find for dinner}

{TV’s in grocery buggy’s are the best!}


{Just a few things}

{Grateful for self-check out}

{Our neighborhood}

{Time to unpack}

{Italian bread}

{My little helper}

{Happy she likes it and is eating!}


{Drawing with daddy}

{No pictures please!}

Project Thoughts

  • Today was a better day photo wise…didn’t “think” about the project too much…just focused on documenting my day.
  • Used the camera on my phone quite a bit today which made things easier.
  • Having a great time looking at the pictures of the day with my family.


  • Having the ability to work from home 3 days a week
  • Folgers in my cup and peppermint Coffee-mate creamer
  • The Bert Show – great way to start my morning
  • Sleepy time tea and a good book

**writing prompts taken from Ali Edward’s Week In The Life daily sheet PDF’s.

This post is a part of the Week In The Life project hosted by Ali Edwards.



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2 responses to “Week In The Life 2011| Tuesday Photos + Words + Thoughts

  1. i just love that look of your daughter with the bbq sauce! what a cutie!

    I’m doing the same as you and just snapping away and not trying to overthink the project! here’s to 5 more days:)

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