Week In The Life 2011| Monday Photos + Words + Thoughts

Today is the first day of Ali Edwards WITL project and I am so excited because this is my first time actually participating in this project. For the past few years I was enjoyed following Ali through the process, looking at her pictures and seeing the final project. Each year I promise myself that I will participate and then I start to “over think” the project and never get started. This time I’m going to follow Ali’s lead and advice and focus on documenting the days…I’ll worry about putting it all together later.

So here is a look at my Monday:

Checking out Ali’s blog first thing in the morning to see what she’s posted about the WITL project.

Gathered my materials for the day…notebook and WITL daily sheets…thanks Ali!

On the road…going into the office to work today.

It’s hot!

Maya received a special package from grada…bubbles!

Project Thoughts

  • Today I found myself over thinking the project again and thus didn’t capture the day as I had planned. Tomorrow I will focus on just documenting the everyday stuff.
  • I need to re-think what I use to capture the day…camera on my phone vs. digital camera. Reminding myself that I can use both and allow myself the option to use whatever is available at the moment.
  • Take more pictures of myself.
  • Have fun!

Looking forward to tomorrow!



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3 responses to “Week In The Life 2011| Monday Photos + Words + Thoughts

  1. oh…i love your bubbles shot!

    i find myself overthinking too but then i just told myself to capture different things that are the norm throughout the week. there are only so many work desk photos i can take:)

  2. dawn

    I took a picture of Ali’s blog too, it’s how I start my day. This is my first year doing this project. Last year at the last second I decided to jump in and just do it. It was fun and crazy and this week will be too. it’s so different doing it with the kids home, much harder to collect my thoughts and take pictures with the kids running around and doing chores. Going to stick it out though and be thankful for capturing our true life right now. Good luck with your week and I and really enjoyed your first day photos.
    P.s. try not to overthink it, I do that too. try to just have fun and whatever pictures and writing you get that will be enough.

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