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Week In The Life | Sunday Photos + Words

The last day of WNTL

Morning artwork



Writing letters


Getting ready


Taking the scenic route home

Last minute pick ups


This is the last day of Ali Edwards Week In The Life project and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Just focusing on documenting the routines of my family for this week has truly been a pleasure. It has forced me to be present in the day to day routines of our family and not just “go through the motions.” Thank you Ali for coming up with a great project and I can’t wait to see the finished project and share it with my family.


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Week In The Life 2011 | Saturday Photos + Words

I have taken a “go with the flow” approach with this project; trying not to over think it and just enjoy it. Reminding myself long the way that this project is just a “snap shot” of a week in my life…not a minute by minute detail account of what I am doing. Others doing this project may take a different approach and that’s okay. I am learning that I have to do what is best…what “feels” right and what works for my life right now.

Energy was at an all-time low today which resulted in less than 50 photos taken. And I am okay with that. Sometimes you have those days…it’s a part of my story.

I think my 2 year old took this picture


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Week In The Life 2011 | Friday Photos + Words + Thoughts

I have enjoyed following Ali Edwards as she documented a week in her life for a few years now. I had always wanted to participate but then I would feel like the project was just too big for me and wouldn’t do it. There are several times where I would start the project, then get frustrated because I felt like I didn’t get “enough” photos for the day. For some reason I believed that I had to document every single minute of my day and if I wasn’t about to do that, then the project in my mind wasn’t a success. So it’s safe to say that I was a little apprehensive about the project. But then I read her post on Monday and she had written:

That is when it clicked…I was making the project more complicated that it needed to be when actually it’s quite simple. This week I followed Ali’s lead and focused more on the documentation…and less about the process and not worry about catching every little detail. Thanks for that Ali…I don’t know if I would have been able to participate this time had I not read your words.

The cat is back…this cat has made our deck his summer vacation spot this year.

A friend posted on Facebook pictures of my old high school in MI being demolished. Lots of good memories were had in that building.

Headed to orthodontist appointment



Conference call while I wait…

A certain little person decided she was going to take a picture too…



Cooling off

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Week In The Life 2011| Wednesday Photos + Words + Thoughts

Busy day today…full of conference calls…webcasts…spreadsheets…planning…potty training…accidents…mini melt downs…mac-n-cheese…muffins…laundry…sun…bubbles…flowers..bugs…running..screaming…writing…picture taking…hugs…kisses…laughter…naps…bottles…work…painting…reading…dreaming…talking…listening…watching…praying…cocktails…pancakes…family…and most importantly…LOVE!

I would say that today was a good day! How was yours?

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from today. Some were taken by an amazing 2-year-old.


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Week In The Life 2011| Tuesday Photos + Words + Thoughts

Trying to get some sort of schedule/routine in place for me and the family; with my new work schedule, I am actually in the office 2 days a week and the remaining 3 days I will be working at home. It’s a sweet deal…however I am having a difficult time staying focused on work while I am at home. I’m thinking that things will be a little easier once school starts which will be in a little less than 2 weeks and my little one goes back to day care.

Day 2 of WITL went better than the first day…I took lots and lots of pictures of the things that were taking place in our lives as they were happening. I am excited about this project and can’t wait to see the finished pages…more on that later. Right now it’s all about the images…documentation.

Here are some highlights of my day.

{Great morning show}

{Checking out Ali Edwards blog first thing in the AM…wake up Ali!}

{Hello Lover!}

{Telling me about his good night’s sleep}

{Counting down the days until these are a thing of the past…one more week and they are gone}

{Nothing like Nick Jr. in the AM and a bottle}

{Breakfast }

{Working from home}

{Early afternoon swim with some friends}

{My little helper}

{Her lunch}

{My lunch}

{Plenty of laundry}

{Nap time}

{Our time}

{Daddy’s home}


{Quick trip to see what we can find for dinner}

{TV’s in grocery buggy’s are the best!}


{Just a few things}

{Grateful for self-check out}

{Our neighborhood}

{Time to unpack}

{Italian bread}

{My little helper}

{Happy she likes it and is eating!}


{Drawing with daddy}

{No pictures please!}

Project Thoughts

  • Today was a better day photo wise…didn’t “think” about the project too much…just focused on documenting my day.
  • Used the camera on my phone quite a bit today which made things easier.
  • Having a great time looking at the pictures of the day with my family.


  • Having the ability to work from home 3 days a week
  • Folgers in my cup and peppermint Coffee-mate creamer
  • The Bert Show – great way to start my morning
  • Sleepy time tea and a good book

**writing prompts taken from Ali Edward’s Week In The Life daily sheet PDF’s.

This post is a part of the Week In The Life project hosted by Ali Edwards.


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Week In The Life 2011| Monday Photos + Words + Thoughts

Today is the first day of Ali Edwards WITL project and I am so excited because this is my first time actually participating in this project. For the past few years I was enjoyed following Ali through the process, looking at her pictures and seeing the final project. Each year I promise myself that I will participate and then I start to “over think” the project and never get started. This time I’m going to follow Ali’s lead and advice and focus on documenting the days…I’ll worry about putting it all together later.

So here is a look at my Monday:

Checking out Ali’s blog first thing in the morning to see what she’s posted about the WITL project.

Gathered my materials for the day…notebook and WITL daily sheets…thanks Ali!

On the road…going into the office to work today.

It’s hot!

Maya received a special package from grada…bubbles!

Project Thoughts

  • Today I found myself over thinking the project again and thus didn’t capture the day as I had planned. Tomorrow I will focus on just documenting the everyday stuff.
  • I need to re-think what I use to capture the day…camera on my phone vs. digital camera. Reminding myself that I can use both and allow myself the option to use whatever is available at the moment.
  • Take more pictures of myself.
  • Have fun!

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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Around here…..

We’ve been eating lots of these…

while sitting and enjoying some morning Nick Jr. shows

We’ve also gotten a lot of work accomplished

and of course we’ve taken our fair share of DVD breaks

For the past few days this week, I have worked from home and so I decided to keep my best girl with me.   A few hours into Monday morning and I was starting to wonder if I had made the right decision.  She just wouldn’t cooperate with me…not one bit.  And just when I was ready to throw in the towel and pack her in the car to take her to daycare…just like that, things got better.  We found our groove…got into our flow…and it was nice.  I was able to spend time with her while also getting in some work.

Now this is life!

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