Too much


Image by Sally Weiner

Have you ever had one of those days when you said to yourself “it’s all just too much!”?  You know that feeling you have when everyone and everything is demanding of your time and undivided attention and well it’s just all a bit much?  Well I was/am/have been having one of those days/weeks/months.  With all of those hats I am wearing (wife/mother/business owner/full-time employee/volunteer/friend/daughter/sister…you get the picture) it is/has starting to get to me.  It would be great if there was an off switch or heck I would be happy with a pause button that I could use from time to time, just to put things on hold so I can catch my breath…at least for a minute or two.   Now I must be honest with you and say that I am 100% the blame for this feeling.  You see I am a “people pleaser” …yes I said it…I like to please people.  I also have a hard time with saying the word “no”.  Both of which have caused me to be in this current state of feeling like I am being pulled in every direction at once.  I know what I need to do to prevent this from happening again….but what about now????  I have already done the damage (over committed myself) so I just can’t drop the ball and say “oh sorry guys, but this just isn’t working for me so I’m not going to do it”.  No, that wouldn’t be the responsible thing to do.  So I am just going to have to grin and bear it…at least for a little while.  There is however a light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a trip planned to Michigan next weekend that I am looking forward to.  I will be traveling alone to spend the weekend with my sorority sisters to celebrate our 18th anniversary.  It has been a few years since all 8 of us have been together and I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Being with them is always fun and we always have a great time.  I think the time away from home and with my girls is just what I need to recharge.


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