I wear many hats

In addition to being a wife, mother, and full-time employee…I also own an event design/planning company

and host a radio show every Saturday @ 8 am est

And I am in the works of starting my own YouTube channel as well.

So you see I wear many hats and they all fit me perfectly.  What about you?  What hat(s) do you wear?



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3 responses to “I wear many hats

  1. realanonymousgirl2011

    You ever feel like there’s not enough time for all these hats? Sometimes, I wish I didn’t need to sleep so I could do everything…..devoted wife, best-ever mommy, acting, finish my book, gardening, crocheting, pilates, hiking…..is it already tomorrow?

  2. Yes, I must admit that I do feel as if there isn’t enough time to do everything however I have come to realize that I can’t wear all hats everyday. And you know what…that is okay! 🙂

  3. I definitely wear many hats, and it became a bit overwhelming. Now I only wear the hats that bring me the most enjoyment: Mom, Wife, Motivational Speaker, Author, Friend.

    All the other titles have not gone away, but I carry the hat…I don’t fully wear it!

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