What I’m loving right now

Loving how you randomly come up to me when I’m sitting down, squeeze my neck, kiss me on my lips and say “I love you”

 Loving how you are into wearing glasses  just like your mommy and daddy

 Loving how you are finding your style and right now Dora the Explorer is the hot thing to you

 Loving how you like to hang out and hit the streets with either mommy or daddy

 Loving watching you grow and develop into such a beautiful and curious little girl

 Loving that you are not afraid to try new things

 Loving how much you love your two older brothers and loving how much they love and adore you

 Loving that God chose me to be your mom and that I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter

 Loving how much I love you!



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2 responses to “What I’m loving right now

  1. Celina Wyss

    She rocks those sunglasses! Love it!

  2. Patina Rivers

    Aww! The perfect example of unconditional love. With God’s grace I will experience what you have one day. I love it.

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