Back on track

I’ve been in a funk/cup half empty sort of mood for a few weeks which had me not really “feeling” like doing much of anything.  I’m sure you can relate.  Not sure what caused it…work…weather…up coming birthday…or it could be a combination of all three.  Maybe it’s a midlife crisis…hummmm, I will have to Google “midlife crisis” to see what the symptoms are.  All I know is that I’m tired of feeling this way…so it’s time to “snap” out of it!  Today, I’m pulling out my 90 day mind map, planner and iPod so I can get laser focused and get back on track.  I’m hoping that this is all it will take to get me out of this fog.

When you find yourself in a similar state of being…(funk/fog/pissy mood) what do you do to get yourself out of it?



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2 responses to “Back on track

  1. I love your honesty in this post. Even the most upbeat and positive people get in a funk. How great it is that you realized it, allowed yourself to “own” it, and then take action!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Patina Rivers

    It depends…hang in there!

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