On this day in 1913…

Twenty-two amazing women at Howard University founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to use their collective effort to promote sisterhood, scholarship and service.  So today I would like to give thanks to:

Osceola Macarthy Adams

Marguerite Young Alexander

Winona Cargile Alexander

Ethel Cuff Black

Bertha Pitts Campbell

Zephyr Chisom Carter

Edna Brown Coleman

Jessie McGuire Dent

Frederica Chase Dodd

Myra Davis Hemmings

Olive Jones

Jimmie Bugg Middleton

Pauline Oberdorfer Minor

Vashti Turley Murphy

Naomi Sewell Richardson

Mamie Reddy Rose

Eliza P. Shippen

Florence Letcher Toms

Ethel Carr Watson

Wertie Blackwell Weaver

Madree Penn White

Edith Mott Young


To all of my sorors I wish you all a very happy Founder’s Day!


Today I am also thinking of my Aunt/Grandmother Lillian Pierce Benbow who showed me first hand what it meant to be a Delta.  I love you and I miss you!

15th National President 1971 – 1975


ahhh to be…




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