Never a dull moment

As a mom of 3 you I am constantly entertained.  Trust me when I tell you that I am entertained on a daily basis.   Following is a conversation that took place this week with me and my two son’s.

Me: Stop scratching your butt, that’s nasty!

#2: I’m not scratching my butt, it’s my side…I think I have mono nucleus.

Me: Mono nucleus?  You mean mononucleosis?

#2: Yeah…how do you get it?

Me: Well they call it the “kissing disease” so you can get it from kissing another person or drinking after someone.

#1: I thought the kissing disease was meningitis?

#2: No, I thought meningitis is what you get when you floss and it starts bleeding?

Me: {laughing} no that is gingivitis…



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2 responses to “Never a dull moment

  1. That was hilarious! I can just hear this conversation playing out in my head.

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