A picture is worth 1,000 words…or shall I say 2,920 words to be exact

I have been toying with the whole 365 photo project for a while now.  This is where you take a picture of yourself everyday for 365 days.  I’ve read about this project on several of the blogs that I visit and as much as I think it is a cool way to document “you” I never really thought that I could commit to it.  I mean come on….we’re talking about 365 days…366 if we’re doing it during a leap year.  Taking a photo of yourself….that’s well….that’s a lot.  But what if someone took it one step further…let’s say someone took a picture of themselves everyday for 8 years!  Yes, people, I’m talking roughly 2,920 photos of yourself!  Well that is just what JK Keller did in his Living My Life Faster photo project.  The coolest part of this project (at least in my eyes) is that he was able to show all 2,920 photo’s in a slide show that lasts approximately 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Now I don’t know if I could do a project like this…but then you never know…..



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2 responses to “A picture is worth 1,000 words…or shall I say 2,920 words to be exact

  1. Teri

    WOW!! EIGHT years?? I haven’t watched the video yet but I am excited to do so.

    I like the idea of the 365 project. Do you have someone else take the photos or do you take them yourself?

    • I thought it was a cool concept too. I think for the 365 project you could do a combination of both…enlisting the help of a friend to take some pictures and then using that trusty timer to take some of yourself.

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