December Daily Project – Dec. 1

Anyone who talks to me on a regular basis know that I am a HUGE follower of blogger/scrapbooker/designer/photographer/life artist Ali Edwards.  I love her style of telling stories by using the simple formula of words + photos.  Her philosophy for scrapbooking is simple – telling stories of everyday life (you know that small stuff) which is what I strive to capture in my scrapbooking.  For the past few years that I have been following her, every December she works on a project called December Daily which is a scrapbook album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas.  I have always wanted to do this project but just never found made the time to actually do it.  So this year I am making time to do the project and I am super excited (as you can see it doesn’t take much to excite me).  If you are interested in learing more about the project and process you can check it out here

I bought all of my papers and overlays for my album foundation this past weekend (I took advantage of some of the awesome Black Friday sales) and I even purchased a Cricut personal electronic cutter that I have been wanting for a long (really long) time for.  This past Friday at Micheals they were selling the smaller  machine for $60…and it retails for $179.99!  Well that was a deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  I really wanted the larger machine but hey for $60 bucks I’ll take it!  If I had taken Ali’s lead I would have completed my foundation pages prior to Dec. 1 ~ however things didn’t quite go that way…you know life got in the way.  So I am a wee bit behind the 8 ball on this project.  This week I will be working on laying the bare bones foundation (I’m sure I will add more to the album as I go along) and taking pictures to tell the story of the day.  I will use this blog as a tool to help me organize my photos, thoughts and stories as they unfold.  I’m still trying to work out a system that will work best for me.  Not quite sure if I will try printing out the photos at home or send them out to be processed.  I guess I will just cross that bridge when I get to it.  I am reminding myself that this is going to be a fun project and will try very hard not to stress over it.  In then end the goal of this project for me is to document our lives during this time.  To give us all something to look at in years to come at this particular moment in our lives.

Here are a few pictures taken on Dec 1.

The first page in my album is going to talk about preparing for the holidays.  I have a few craft projects (the glitter trees pictured being one of them) that I have wanted to do for a while and hopefully I will get the opportunity to actually complete them this year.   Maybe I will even be able to convince the boys to help me out (but I’m not holding my breath).  There are also some holiday traditions that I would like to start in our family that the kids will enjoy and hopefully incorporate then in their families when they get older. (more on that later) During this time of the year I also try to do a purge of the things that we no longer use/need/have out grown and have been donating them to the America Kidney Fund.  The Kidney Fund is great because they will pick up gently used clothes, toys and household appliances that are sold at their thrift stores with the net proceeds going directly to the American Kidney Fund. 

I’m going to a crop tomorrow night at Archiver’s and plan to finishing up the foundation along with hopefully the first few pages.  I’m excited about finally doing this project this year and can’t wait to see how the finished project will look.

Let the fun begin!


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  1. Teri

    What a GREAT idea! I love the thought of taking photos of ‘every day’ life. This is something we rarely do, and need to get better at. THIS is the GOOD STUFF.

    Thanks for sharing your idea! (And by the way, I love your header photos!)

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