Thanksgiving 2010 Recap

This Thanksgiving holiday, was a nice and quite one spent with my hubby, the kids and my father-in-law who decided the Saturday before Thanksgiving to come and spend the holiday with us (and we are so happy he did!).  The boys were happy to have their papa all to themselves and mini me enjoyed having someone to walk around the house with, exploring and laying on while taking a bottle break.  It wasn’t how I had originally planned to spend my Thanksgiving holiday but looking back I would change a thing.  Below are just a few pix from the day.




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4 responses to “Thanksgiving 2010 Recap

  1. Misty Evans

    Erika, another great job. Had fun with my family too and wouldn’t change a thing either. Keep on going lady! There are many people who are so proud of you, including me!

  2. Daisha Herring

    Mrs. Beckerman..this is SOOO nice..I was just saying on FB how we need to start a BLOG..I know you talked about it before so we need to talk soon!! I got some ideas!!! Imagine that DNICE with IDEAS!!!! LOLL glad Dad-in-law came up to see you guys…hope ya’ll come home soon so I can see Ms. Maya…she is the cutest little thang walkin’….Talk to you later..Love YA’LL!!

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