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Not a big fan of Charlotte or her web!

Spitting Spider.. Explore

Creepy crawly creatures although I’m sure they serve some purpose in the world are NOT my cup of tea. First of all…well to be a total girly girl here, they are yucky, they are small, some bite, they move entirely too fast, some jump and oh, they make those awful webs that make you feel all yucky when you run into them. Oh and did I say they are yucky? And even though I know in my mind that I am bigger and stronger than they are, they scare the mess out of me! So…you ask what would I do if I were to find a big spider in my bedroom…my next move would be scream uncontrollably while trying to kill it (sorry PETA) but if that doesn’t work then I guess my only other option would be sleep in another room! Oh and did I say they were yucky?

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Today I am thankful for…

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