Looks like you got checked Boo!

For those who really know me know that I am the biggest fan of BRAVO’s Real Housewife franchise.  If I had to rank them RHOC (Orange County) would be at the top with RHOA (Atlanta) a very close second.  Okay maybe I would put them at a 1 ½.  This past Monday, one of my dear friends told me about a repo job that her dad was called to do last weekend that involved none other than RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  Not Sheree!  Not “who gone check me boo” Sheree?  It sure couldn’t be the She by Sheree that had her car repossessed.  But alas it was true.  According to my friend, one of Sheree’s attorneys put in the repo order for her Ashton Martin because Ms. Whitfield owed him over $100,000 in legal fees and apparently he’s been trying to collect his money for over a year.  Come on Sheree, I know BRAVO has got to be paying you for being on the show and what about your clothing line?  Didn’t you make any money from that?    Looks like your attorney checked you boo!

Bravo, if you’re reading…as much as I absolutely  the Real Housewives…why not do a show about real people living real, everyday lives.  Call me….I’m available boo!


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