We gather here today to say good-bye to the dreadful “To-do” list

Every morning when I get into the office, after grabbing a cup of coffee, I sit down at my desk and make my daily to-do list.  My to-do list includes both work related and personal things that I need to take care of for the day.  Yes, I will own my truth and say that I am a habitual to-do list maker who maybe, on a real good day will actually cross of one or two items. My main offense is that I always put way too many things on my list to complete in a given day, which in turns stresses me out and then I wind up feeling guilty and defeated because I didn’t complete anything on the list.  So this morning when I read this great post by girlfriend Marlin and all I could do is laugh.    Reading her post was just what I needed.  After I tackle my list for today (okay don’t get mad…admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery right?), I am going to take some time to create my Stress Free To-Do List just like Marlin did and will plan to check things off it this weekend!

Thanks Marlin!  🙂


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