My Newest Obsession

Since signing up for the METAV class at Big Picture Classes, I have been taking lots and lots of pictures with a focus on telling the everyday stories of my family.  I love my little Sony Cybershot camera and it has served me well over the past 4 years; however as of late I have been obsessing over the idea of making the photo leap and purchasing my first DSLR camera.  Being a DSLR virgin, I thought I would take it slow and go for something that wasn’t too expensive but something that still produced a quality photo.  After spending a few days, surfing the World Wide Web I finally found what I believe to be my perfect match – the Cannon Rebel XS 10.1 MP DSLR.  For a cool $499 plus tax I can get this beauty courtesy of my friends at Amazon.  Now I just need to convince my dear sweet husband to buy it for me.  Any suggestions???



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2 responses to “My Newest Obsession

  1. Girl….. Tell him to call me;) I’ll convince him!! Tell him when I come to visit my in laws I’ll teach u how to use it:) good deal lady!!!! I’m alllllll for better pictures!!! Lol

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