Taking a closer look at the board (part 2)

The next  item on the board is money.  Now the goal is not necessarily to have a LOT of money (although it would be nice), this money represents financial freedom.  To have the ability to live comfortably, to do some traveling and simply to enjoy life you need to have some level of financial freedom.  I realize that you will ALWAYS have bills to pay however the goal is to be able to pay them, save some and actually enjoy it.

My BFF Oprah said to me (and about a million other people) once that if you do what you love the money will follow.  I believe that.  Planning events and running my own boutique event planning company is something that gives me great joy and I’m also pretty good at it too.  I know that if I keep plugging away, doing what I love(event planning) that the money will follow.

Universe if you hear me…I’m asking that you shower me with the ability to have financial freedom.  Money come to me now!


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