Taking a closer look at the board…

In my last post I showed you my vision board for 2010.  This board is a visual representation of some of the goals that I would like to accomplish for the year.  Now I know for some of them I’m reaching a little bit however you never know what can happen.  Sometimes by just putting things out into the Universe will yield unbelievable results.  And hey, there is nothing wrong with dreaming.  Like my pastor said in one of her sermons, God’s creation of the world probably started with a dream and look at what He accomplished!

So now that I have shared with you the board, I thought I would talk about each element of the board.  Today is a two-fer

It all starts with a great quote and this one happens to be my favorite one for 2010 by my favorite imaginary BFF Oprah.   This year I am focusing on preparing for the blessings that I know God is going to bestow on me. There are a few projects that I have been dreaming about but that is all I’ve been doing is just dreaming about it.  And although they say you are to start with a dream…some sort of action is required.  This quote simply reminds me to act or like the Nike ad states “Just do it“.

Well I’m sure you know who SHE is….this is my imaginary BFF Oprah.  Did you get a chance to check out the caption?   Okay now you can’t blame a girl for dreaming.  One of my life goals is to one day be on the Oprah show and to also plan one of her events for her.  Maybe the Legends Ball 2012?  I can see it…can you?


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