Thoughts on a Thursday

  • Atlanta traffic is for the birds. No matter how early I leave for work my 27 minute commute (according to my GPS) ALWAYS takes me at least 60 minutes or more. argh!

  • Although I’m not fond of the fact that I have to work outside my home, I do enjoy the quiet that comes with the morning drive. This my time to ponder on all of life’s great mysteries…solve all of my problems (like what I’m cooking for dinner tonight)…and to dream wonderful dreams.
  • As I get older I am discovering that common sense isn’t so common. I have also discovered that have very little patience for stupidity.
  • Son #1 showed me his report card this morning. According to him he said that he forgot it was in his book bag (yeah right). It was okay…not the best but due to the fact that we did move him to a new school half way through the first card marking – so we’re giving him a pass this time. However, I did tell him that his dad and I expect there to be a significant improvement on the next one.
  • I have enjoyed reading the following blogs this week: Ali Edwards, Making It Lovely, Yeah Write
  • I am really excited about decorating our new house. I have decided to start with Mini Me’s bedroom. We purchased the crib this past Sunday (I love IKEA) and this weekend we will get the paint. My good friend who is a very talented artist is going to paint her room (that was her baby shower gift to me). I will post pictures as we progress with the project.
  • Just ordered Writing Motherhood (read about it from Ali Edwards site). It looks like it will help me with writing all the wonderful stories that I’d like to share.
  • Lately I have been feeling a little restless/anxious. I know that I should be doing something different than what I’m currently doing (working for someone)…something that brings me joy (event planning – being creative)…and I know what it is (duh – event planning)…however I am letting little things distract me. You know things like looking at Facebook, reading my favorite blogs, staring out the window day dreaming. Doing everything BUT what I need to do to get to the place I long to be.

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