Getting things in order

I love this bag. My mom gave me this bag when we were visiting her and my dad over the summer. When she gave me the bag, she had filled it with great reference books on starting a in-home daycare (which is what I was doing). My mom is awesome!
I have since replaced all those wonderful books (I still have them, they are now kept safe in my bookcase) with books, magazines, print outs from websites and other miscellaneous items (glasses, body spray, lotion). All of those items are important to me as they represent all of the great ideas that I would like to implement (well with the exception of the glasses, body spray and lotion). Everyday I take this great bag with me to work…never taking anything out, but always putting things to take home to look at later. And when I get home, this same great bag just sits in either my car or in the kitchen – never touched until the next morning when I sling it over my shoulder to take with me to work. (I can hear that Erykah Badu song “Bag Lady” playing as I carry the bag to and from work)
This bag represents me right now…full of great ideas…all jumbled up…not being implemented. Inside this bag is ciaos and disorganization…this is my life right now. You would like to think that I would have it together at almost 40 but I do not. So the goal for right now is to clear out the bag and put the contents into some sort of order maybe even getting rid of some things that I just don’t need. Isn’t it amazing that something as small as this bag can represent something a big as my life?
Are you carrying around a bag like me? What’s in your bag?
Remembering “small tiny steps everyday” will eventually get you to your goal.
Question – is your bag weighing you down?


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2 responses to “Getting things in order

  1. Just another great post! Shall we begin to refer to you as "The Bag Lady"?

  2. Thanks Theresa…you know I am starting to feel like a bag lady. (smile) The goal however is to clear the bag out…get rid of some of the things…actually use some of the things that I have collected. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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