Taking 5 small steps every day

I am NOT a fan of Atlanta traffic. This is what greeted me this morning as I was traveling on I85 headed northbound.
Not a pretty sight as you can see. Traffic was moving at a snails pace – and I was going to be late to work again! That meant I needed to call my manager, which I didn’t want to do because well…because I just didn’t feel like dealing with her and all her pettiness. BUT I had no choice. I HAD to call her because I had already been given a written warning for being late (that is another post) and I got an extra slap on the hand for not calling management to inform them that I would be late.

So I called (and boy was I NOT happy about doing it).

And I sat in traffic….

“Man, I wish I could be at home…working for ME…not going to work to deal with the BS and getting someone else rich.” If only…I thought.

Then this afternoon while going through my bag I came across this index card dated August 5, 2009. On the card was the following:

If you are clear where you are going and you take several steps in that direction every day, you eventually have to get there. If I head north out of Santa Barbara and take five steps a day, eventually I have to end up in San Francisco. So decide what you want, write it down review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you toward those goals.” – Jack Canfield, American Author and Motivational Speaker

Talk about seeing the right thing at the right time! This is just what I needed to see today!

So….I wrote down 4 things that I wanted right now

I have put it on paper…I have made my request to the universe. Now it is time to work, to do what is required in order to bring the things that I have written to fruition.

And so it has been written…..


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