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Thoughts on a Thursday

  • Atlanta traffic is for the birds. No matter how early I leave for work my 27 minute commute (according to my GPS) ALWAYS takes me at least 60 minutes or more. argh!

  • Although I’m not fond of the fact that I have to work outside my home, I do enjoy the quiet that comes with the morning drive. This my time to ponder on all of life’s great mysteries…solve all of my problems (like what I’m cooking for dinner tonight)…and to dream wonderful dreams.
  • As I get older I am discovering that common sense isn’t so common. I have also discovered that have very little patience for stupidity.
  • Son #1 showed me his report card this morning. According to him he said that he forgot it was in his book bag (yeah right). It was okay…not the best but due to the fact that we did move him to a new school half way through the first card marking – so we’re giving him a pass this time. However, I did tell him that his dad and I expect there to be a significant improvement on the next one.
  • I have enjoyed reading the following blogs this week: Ali Edwards, Making It Lovely, Yeah Write
  • I am really excited about decorating our new house. I have decided to start with Mini Me’s bedroom. We purchased the crib this past Sunday (I love IKEA) and this weekend we will get the paint. My good friend who is a very talented artist is going to paint her room (that was her baby shower gift to me). I will post pictures as we progress with the project.
  • Just ordered Writing Motherhood (read about it from Ali Edwards site). It looks like it will help me with writing all the wonderful stories that I’d like to share.
  • Lately I have been feeling a little restless/anxious. I know that I should be doing something different than what I’m currently doing (working for someone)…something that brings me joy (event planning – being creative)…and I know what it is (duh – event planning)…however I am letting little things distract me. You know things like looking at Facebook, reading my favorite blogs, staring out the window day dreaming. Doing everything BUT what I need to do to get to the place I long to be.

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Getting things in order

I love this bag. My mom gave me this bag when we were visiting her and my dad over the summer. When she gave me the bag, she had filled it with great reference books on starting a in-home daycare (which is what I was doing). My mom is awesome!
I have since replaced all those wonderful books (I still have them, they are now kept safe in my bookcase) with books, magazines, print outs from websites and other miscellaneous items (glasses, body spray, lotion). All of those items are important to me as they represent all of the great ideas that I would like to implement (well with the exception of the glasses, body spray and lotion). Everyday I take this great bag with me to work…never taking anything out, but always putting things to take home to look at later. And when I get home, this same great bag just sits in either my car or in the kitchen – never touched until the next morning when I sling it over my shoulder to take with me to work. (I can hear that Erykah Badu song “Bag Lady” playing as I carry the bag to and from work)
This bag represents me right now…full of great ideas…all jumbled up…not being implemented. Inside this bag is ciaos and disorganization…this is my life right now. You would like to think that I would have it together at almost 40 but I do not. So the goal for right now is to clear out the bag and put the contents into some sort of order maybe even getting rid of some things that I just don’t need. Isn’t it amazing that something as small as this bag can represent something a big as my life?
Are you carrying around a bag like me? What’s in your bag?
Remembering “small tiny steps everyday” will eventually get you to your goal.
Question – is your bag weighing you down?


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Taking 5 small steps every day

I am NOT a fan of Atlanta traffic. This is what greeted me this morning as I was traveling on I85 headed northbound.
Not a pretty sight as you can see. Traffic was moving at a snails pace – and I was going to be late to work again! That meant I needed to call my manager, which I didn’t want to do because well…because I just didn’t feel like dealing with her and all her pettiness. BUT I had no choice. I HAD to call her because I had already been given a written warning for being late (that is another post) and I got an extra slap on the hand for not calling management to inform them that I would be late.

So I called (and boy was I NOT happy about doing it).

And I sat in traffic….

“Man, I wish I could be at home…working for ME…not going to work to deal with the BS and getting someone else rich.” If only…I thought.

Then this afternoon while going through my bag I came across this index card dated August 5, 2009. On the card was the following:

If you are clear where you are going and you take several steps in that direction every day, you eventually have to get there. If I head north out of Santa Barbara and take five steps a day, eventually I have to end up in San Francisco. So decide what you want, write it down review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you toward those goals.” – Jack Canfield, American Author and Motivational Speaker

Talk about seeing the right thing at the right time! This is just what I needed to see today!

So….I wrote down 4 things that I wanted right now

I have put it on paper…I have made my request to the universe. Now it is time to work, to do what is required in order to bring the things that I have written to fruition.

And so it has been written…..

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