My Top 10

I just wanted to share a “little” bit about me – as I am today. 🙂

TEN things I can’t live without – my Blackberry, iPod, coffee, gum, hugs and kisses from my kids, laptop, WiFi, Reality TV, smoked almonds, sunny days

NINE words I live by – love, forgiveness, compassion, honesty, integrity, faith, joy, hope and loyalty

EIGHT bands/artist whose music keeps me company on any given day:

Mary J. Blige
Jill Scott
Maroon 5
Angie Stone

SEVEN things I love about my everyday life

  • Sunday – going to church with my family, reading the paper, clipping coupons, spending quality time together (with my family).
  • Monday – The start of a brand new week and looking forward to all the “good” things it will bring.
  • Tuesday – Watching the boys at football practice – observing how they are getting better and better as each practice passes.
  • Wednesday – Not having to go to football practice, taking my time to cook dinner and actually eat a meal as a family. This is also our “family meeting” night.
  • Thursday – Watching RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta). Yes I hate to admit it but I am a reality TV junkie!
  • Friday – Knowing that this marks the end of my work week at the J.O.B. and now I can devote all my time and energy on spending time with my family.
  • Saturday – Football…football…and more football!

SIX places I’d love to visit before I die – Italy, Spain, Africa, Martha’s Vineyard, Grand Canyon, Napa Valley

FIVE things I do everyday without fail – brush my teeth, shower, have a cup of coffee, kiss and hug my kids, say “I love you”

FOUR stores/websites I frequent – (come on who doesn’t love Target?), (great at telling life stories), (yes, I tweet), (you can find anything on amazon!)

Three photo’s I love

Reading some of my favorite blogs that I follow

Loving on my children

My trusty Dream Machine (who ever came up with that name?)

TWO decisions I’ve never regretted – marrying Byron (he is truly the one for me) and moving to Atlanta

ONE additional thing about me – I am trying to be the best Erika I can be.


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