What I’m currently reading…

While I was back in Detroit visiting family and friends, I had a chance to have dinner with my sorority sisters and one of my sands recommended this book

She said that she read this book during a mini vacation she took by herself. According to my sands, it was a life changing book for her. She spoke about having clarity in her life after reading it and I could see that she had a peace about herself that I too wanted to experience. So when I got back to Georgia, I rushed out to Boarders and picked it up for myself. I’m hopeful that I too will gain that same clarity of life that she did from reading it.

I’ll keep you posted…



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3 responses to “What I’m currently reading…

  1. Glad you picked up the book!!!! It is truly amazing… Enjoy

  2. It's a great book. It's on my shelf at Shelfari, user name Theresa Jane S-I looove Shelfari BTW. Theresa

  3. Theresa, I've never heard of Shelfari…I will check it out. Thanks!

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