Sometimes you just have to take a step back

Last week was just one of those weeks that you wished would just hurry up and end. I was dealing with some things both at work and personally that I felt were beyond my control (and for those who “really” know me, know that I like being in control), so this series of situations I found myself in were really taking a toll on me. I could feel myself starting to get anxious, stressed and down right mad. I was almost ready to say “forget it all” and just throw in the towel.

Then I received a phone call this past Friday from a really good friend and sorority sister. She was out taking care of some business and she said I crossed her mind, so she decided to call me. She wanted to see how I was doing, and if I was still moving forward with my plans to start my business. Our conversation was really short; however it was just what I needed at that particular moment in time; that brief conversation provided me with the opportunity to “step back” from all that was going on around me and really take a look at the situation. I’m so glad that she called (thanks M.P.) 🙂

Lesson for learned – when you feel that certain situations are just beyond your control, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to gain a new perspective and regain control.


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