~Right Now~

Life is good. The boys are in school (school started August 10th) as well as football. We are starting to settle into a routine which is making life much easier for all of us. Mini me is growing and starting to develop quite a little personality. Everyday she amazes us with something new that she has picked up. First it was M, teaching her how to do raspberries, then it was J teaching her how to splashing in the tub and now she is patting you on the back when you are holding her. It’s the cutest thing you’d want to see.

Work is well work. But I know that this is simply a vehicle needed to take me to the next level. I have my plan in place and am diligently working on it. And although the light at the end of the tunnel is dim right now, I do see it.

So even if things are not “ideal” or the way I had envisioned them, right now I can say that today without reservations that…

Life is good.


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