~My Aha! Moment~

For the past couple of months I have been complaining A LOT about my job…my boss…and just working in general. Earlier this week I meet with my manger and asked if it would be possible for me to change my shift from 9am-6pm to 8am-5pm to accommodate my husband’s new work schedule so that I can pick up my children after school. Her answer to me without any consideration or hesitation was NO. She stated that due to the nature of my job and its dual role, they need me here from 9am – 6pm. Now in my opinion leaving an hour early (5 instead of 6) really has no major impact on the company, seeing that everyone I support has left the office by 5 pm anyway. Deep down I knew that she was doing it to be passive aggressive with me…to SHOW me that SHE was the boss over me. Without being confrontational (which was a stretch for me), I thanked her for meeting with me and left. The meeting was over. But let me tell you this…I was HOT!!!!!

The next day, I sent her an email requesting that she at least consider allowing me to temporarily change my shift on Mondays to 8am-5pm until I could find suitable childcare for my children. (Note: I still haven’t gotten a response from her). The nights that followed I told everyone that was willing to listen how evil, mean spirited and spiteful my boss was and how I just didn’t like her. Last night I laid in the bed trying to figure out why working for this company had to be so difficult. My job isn’t hard at all so why was SHE making it so miserable for me to work there?

Then this morning as I sat at my computer working on a report…the answer came to me. God is telling me that my time here is coming to an end.

You see before I started working for this company, I prayed to God asking that he would deliver to me a job that:

  • required little to no thinking
  • paid a fair wage
  • provided medical/dental benefits
  • something that was temporary – to help me get over the financial hump we were facing

Well God does answer our prayers because I got exactly what I asked for, and the reason things have been uncomfortable at work is God’s way of telling me that my time is up. It’s time for me to go on and do bigger and better things.

“Okay God…I’m listening.”

So remember be careful what you pray for because God is in the prayer answering business.

and so the journey continues…


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  1. Sands – I love the blog…I will turn 40 in January and thinking about it brings a range of emotions. I am excited about my journey, and I thank you for sharing your journey with me.

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